bones of you by debbie howells - review

I know, I know, I haven't posted a book review - let alone any other sort of post - in ages. I've just been too busy! But something that has really caught my interest lately is this book: I just haven't been able to put it down!

I have a gardener’s inherent belief in the natural order of things. Soft‑petalled flowers that go to seed. The resolute passage of the seasons. Swallows that fly thousands of miles to follow the eternal summer.
Children who don’t die before their parents.

The book is about a gardener, Kate, who learns about the recent murder of one of her daughter's friends. Kate is surprised at the news, and becomes increasingly involved in the investigation of the murder - until she uncovers things that she wishes she didn't know. 

It  is definitely one of those books that I felt I couldn't put down. I know that's such a cliché thing to say in a book review, but it's true! At then end of every part I read, I was just dying to know more. 
One of the things that I loved about this book was that it was written both from Kate's point of view and from the point of view of Rosie, the poor girl who was killed. We can see the story unwind from Rosie's point of view, which gives brilliant foreshadowing to what is going to happen, however it was still a surprise to me when I got to the end! My jaw literally fell open, it was an ending you would never have suspected. 

It's so beautifully written as well, with imagery that just made me feel as if I was a part of the family, as if I was there with Kate as she was investigating deeper and deeper into the lives of the Andersons'. It really is fantastic. 

If you're looking for a book to keep you company during these weird months, where the weather doesn't  quite know what it's doing enough, where its raining one day and sunny the next, then I would definitely recommend this book. Especially for fans of TV shows like CSI, and Criminal Minds, and for those who loved Gone Girl, you'll definitely enjoy this one just as much!

What do you think? Is this something you think you would like to read?

Eden xx

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being a twin

I don't know how many of you know this, but I, in fact, am a twin. Not only that, but I'm an identical twin at that! Whenever people find this out, 90% of the time they'll say 'you're so lucky! I wish I had a twin!' Now, I'm not saying that I DON'T like having a twin, but it's really not all its cracked up to be. Recently, I've been realising that more than I have before. So I thought I'd share with you what life is like being a twin, in case you were interested (if you're not, too bad, you're gonna find out anyway)

Me and my sister tell each other everything. And when I say everything, I mean EVERYTHING. She knows every boy I've ever talked to, every mistake I've ever made, all of my deepest darkest secrets. And I know all of hers. It's nice that I always (well, almost always) have someone to talk to, so that I can get things off my chest. Occasionally, she'll use my secrets to blackmail me into doing things for her, lest she tells my parents. But usually its minor. And I can do the same, when the time is right ;)

We argue. A LOT. I guess that comes with being around someone who is so similar to you. We will literally clash over everything. She thinks she's right, I know I'm right. But our arguments just don't end. And they're loud. So so loud. Because we are both so similar, we know how to get under each other's skin, and therefore, our arguments get messy FAST. Worst insecurities are whipped out in a flash. It's a surefire way to win an argument. Until your own are turned against you. It sounds mean, but because we spend so much time together, arguments are almost always forgotten within the hour. Things just go back to normal, no apologies needed.

We're the same size everything. So we share. My wardrobe would be severely limited without the addition of my sister's clothes. We also have very similar styles so we buy things that the other would like, not on purpose, it just turns out that way.

It's not always like having a best friend around all the time. Whilst I would admit, we are like best friends, but it's a different kind of relationship. Whilst we are bffs, we are also each other's worst enemy. Like I said before, knowing someones deepest secrets gives you a certain kind of hold over them.

We constantly are trying not to be "weird twins" You know them when you see them, Those twins that only ever hang out with each other, who are obsessed with each other. Its weird. Every time we're at school, and we sit next to each other, or we walk anywhere just the two of us, it feels weird. Its a lot of thinking for something that seems kind of trivial, but its a major risk that we must evaluate on a daily basis.

People think we come as a package. "You can't have one without the other" which is simply not true. You don't have to invite us both to something if you don't want to . There will be no hard feelings (unless you've done it for a snakey reason, then there'll be beef) What people seem to forget (even my parents) is that we are TWO DIFFERENT PEOPLE and we deserve to be treated as such.

Basically, this post was a reason for me to share loads of cute selfies of me and my sister. But also, because a lot of people think having a twin is the best thing in the world. And in some ways, it is. But often, it isn't. There's nothing I hate more than being compared to Imogen. ESPECIALLY when it comes to school. And I hate that my parents give us joint punishments, even when I haven't done anything wrong. But all in all, I love the fact that I almost always have someone to talk to who understands me, and who will listen (most of the time)

Would you have a twin if you could? 

Eden xx

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Hi everyone!

I know, I know, I've been gone for a while. A lot of things have just caught up with me, and not to mention I've been struggling with a lack of inspiration, so I just haven't had the time and motivation to blog. I could be posting all of those generic gift guides for you all, but to be honest, I'm not a massive fan of those posts, which is why I haven't written any. Although watch this space, there'll probably be one when I run out of ideas or something. I'm such a hypocrite. But anyway, I thought I'd update you all on what's going on in my life!


personalised phone case

 If you've been reading this blog for a while, you may well remember me posting about a custom phone case I recieved, from mrnutcase.com. Well, recently. that very same company came out with a new range, and obviously, I had to get one. But this time, as you can see, it's twice as personal, and I don't have those horrific yellow nails (what a disaster, who let me do that???)


literary listography

If you've ever read this blog ever, then you'll probably know that I am a big fan of reading. Be it YA books, classics, magazines or blogs, I've been an avid reader ever since I was a little child. There's just something about getting lost in a book that just makes me feel content. I think my love for reading also inspired my love for writing, hence why I made a blog. But anyway, I'm so so lucky to have wonderful friends with the same interests as me. This post in particular is centered around a gift that my friend Katie got me for my birthday. Katie is one of my super close friends (though sadly we seem to be drifting since she moved schools :( ) and she's as into books as me, if not more. We're always swapping books and talking about the ones we love, going to see the films etc. So for my birthday this year, she bought me this literary listography thing, which is such a cool idea.

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